Landlords' FAQ

As a landlord, or prospective landlord of a property to rent in the area, you may have queries about the process. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do I need to have a professional inventory done?

We advise that a professional inventory is done for every tenancy. It should be a comprehensive list detailing the items and condition of the entire property. Should a dispute arise at the end of the tenancy, this document will be referred to. We have a recommended company that we use, please contact us for further details and costs.

What do I need to do about this EPC I have heard about?

From 1st October 2008, it became necessary to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) completed on all property to rent. The EPC grades the energy efficiency of properties on a scale of A-G, with the most efficient homes in band A. The Certificate takes the form of a chart setting out the property's energy performance and environmental impact, as well as any steps that could be taken to improve the property in this respect.

We have a recommended company that will be able to perform these certificates, please contact us for further details and costs.

What should I do with the deposit?

Introduced in April 2007, it is now compulsory to adhere to government guidelines regarding the registering of the deposit in an approved scheme.

Stevens and Carter registers the deposits for all managed properties with The Deposit Protection Service (DPS). Further information, terms and conditions can be found at

If you manage your own property, or properties, you will need to register the deposit within 30 days when the money is transferred to you by Stevens and Carter following the move in date of your tenant.

As a ‘let only’ landlord you have the choice of using the DPS or an alternative scheme that can be found by visiting the government website. Details of whatever scheme you use must be made available to your tenant.

Will someone check my property during the tenancy?

Stevens and Carter will carry out inspections every 3 months on properties that we manage to check that everything is in good order during the tenancy and that the terms of the tenancy are being adhered to. (Please note this is not carried out with the use of an inventory).

We strongly advise that Let Only Landlords check their property during the term of the tenancy to clarify that everything is in order.

Stevens and Carter offer a separate service to Let Only Landlords whereby they can carry out one of these inspections for a separate fee. Please do not hesitate to contact our Lettings Department for further information and costs.

Do I need a Gas Safety Certificate?

The Landlord is required by law to organise a gas safety engineer to inspect and issue a gas safety certificate on all gas appliances in a property to be let out. We would also advise that the gas boiler is serviced at the same time as the safety certificate is carried out.

If Stevens and Carter are managing the property we will organise a qualified gas safety engineer on the landlord’s behalf and at the landlord’s expense.

Do I need an Electrical Inspection?

Stevens and Carter would recommend that an electrical report and PAT test is carried out when the property is first placed onto the market.

If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please do not hesitate to contact us for information.